Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Goodbye to all that: the shed

I reckon I will miss the shed more than I'll miss some bits of the house, especially after spent a good few weeks in the summer turning it into a bolthole.

That involved turning the thing for the second time in its life and while it was empty, painting the inside of it.

To make it a bit more homely I added one of out Vietnamese day beds, then spent at least ten minutes lounging in it looking at the bike.

By the time I had finished Lizzie told me I'd made it look like something out of MASH, which I thought was a little unfair, considering.

Of course I will have a shed at the new place, and quite a substantial one it is too But like a lot of things in life you never forget your first shed. Especially when so much effort has been wasted on it.

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  1. Hey Graham love the tropical feel to your garden and the colour scheme for the shed. Will you be showing us around the new home once in?


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