Thursday, 30 December 2010

Visvim gaiter hi socks: a mountain too far

Turns out the socks I was after, you know the ones that wrinkle down around your ankles? They're Visvim. I honestly had no idea.

I was having a little Google for Moncler V and this 'Modern Alpine' loookbook from Honeyee magazine came up. You might recognise one of the images from the sock blog, and you will notice that the socks are also featured in the Moncler V lookbook.

There, in the caption of the second shot, are the words "Gaiter hi (hand knit)". I reckon they were hand knitted by tibetan monks while suspended by their feet over hot coals judging by the 21,000 yen price tag, which equates to about £166 in the Queen's sheckle. For one pair.

Which is probably why I haven't been able to find any for sale, and why I probably won't be seeing my own feet in a pair.

Still, the rest of the Honeyee lookbook is worth reproducing here, if you haven' already seen it.

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