Sunday, 19 December 2010

Nike 6.0 New York snowboard trip: powder puffs

All you need to go snowboarding when you live in New York is a friend who can break into a Nike store and a car thief with a taste for a decent sized van.

Then you have it all - the gear, the transport, and the prospect of a five-hour drive to the mountains.

That's not what happened here, of course. This lot are ransacking that Nike 6.0 store with permission, so they can trundle off into the crisp winter dawn up to that hill making the stuff look good.

I don't know how far the nearest mountain is from New York. Maybe it's the equivalent of Ben Nevis from London, which makes me wonder why we don't all nip up there for a day trip.

Mind you, the way the weather's going at the moment, I could go riding from my front door.

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