Sunday, 5 December 2010

Visvim Serra Paccard: if you're hard enough

I'm guessing Visvim has probably sorted out the agony element of its Serra hiker boots since they released the ones that I own. No world of a lie, this is the second winter I've had them and they are still giving me blisters like they are just out of the box. Every time I complete a journey in relative comfort and think I have at last broken them in, they turn round and bite me right on the heel on the return trip.

Many a time I have considered giving them a new home, or perhaps ritually burning them at the end of the garden, but in a twisted way, I love them.

They don't look terribly different to these either. This year's release has a suede upper and a Goodyear welted sole, but the style remains.

If you do buy a pair, or even mine if I become totally sick of them, I wish you all the best for an abusive relationship. The wounds will heal, I promise.

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