Thursday, 16 December 2010

Getting to the sole of the matter: Vibram

Yuketen Maine Guide Boot with Vibram sole
Out in Spitalfields with Boris last night, which culminated in my being privvy to a gathering of some the capital's career-casuals - those who have made a living out of an unhealthy obsession with hard-to-find mens' clothing. 

Boris called it "a riot of rigid denim and chunky knits," which summed things up nicely, although I would have to add Vibram soles to that description.

As Scouse Dave observed, Vibram soles are just about everywhere these days, attached to everything from calf-height hunting boots to hikers and brogues. It has become the preferred method of difusing the stiff leather shoe.

They were certainly the choice in the pub, which means the look will only gain momentum from here.

Can't say I'm averse to the look myself. I've long been a fan of the shoe with the trainer sole, so a sparkling white Vibram sole, while no doubt derided as sacrilege in certain shoe-making circles, does make a welcome update to a classic brogue, or as it happens, a Maine Guide Boot, to me.

Viberg for Heritage Research
Fracap for Oki-Ni

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