Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Heritage Research ss11 lookbook: blue sky thinking

The snow's back, in case you hadn't noticed, and it doesn't look like it's going anywhere soon, so we might as well take the glass half full approach and look to the spring, because one day in the next month or two it will warm up. Unless my colleague is correct and we are at the dawn of the next ice age.

According to Heritage Research, the post-war era was full of pastel shades, shorts, cardies and harringtons. That's what inspired their spring-summer collection. Even the Morris Minors looked cool with surfboards strapped to the top of them.

What you don't know from the photos is that if that's an English coast, it's probably colder than the sub-zero temperatures we have today, and that bloke is actually waiting around on those rocks for a breakdown van because his car has broke down. 

If he actually went surfing, he probably has mild hypothermia too.

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