Monday, 13 December 2010

Feathers preserve me: puffers come in from the cold

It seems like only yesterday that I was guffawing at Lee's orange 'life preserver' red puffer body warmer. It was actually the end of September, when the thought of winter gear was still distant in my mind despite the ominously prophetic chilly evening.

I'm not laughing now. We're in the grip of the artic tundra and you can't move for down jackets and puffers. It's like a rerun of Back to the Future.

Given the efficiency of down filled jackets and gilets for insulating against the cold, I suppose the question isn't so much how these garments have found favour again so swiftly as why we forgot about them in the first place.

But shun them I did, for the best part of 20 years. I don't even remember what I was wearing to keep warm.

I suppose my Pollard insulator has been around a few years, under a variety of outer layers, and when I was heading to mountains it was thick hoodies and my snowboarding jacket. There was also a massive arctic parka from Spiewak which was like wearing a duvet.

But to be honest the winters haven't been cold enough to warrant anything as substantial as a puffer. That's until now, and when it comes to keeping warm, there ain't nothing like a bit of duck.

These are the ones that have caught my eye so far.
Moncler V at End

Stussy x Penfield at The-Glade

Supreme at The-Glade
Mt Rainire Design at Inventory Stockroom

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