Monday, 30 August 2010

The high-rollers: Let's see those ankles

If you haven't been walking around with your trousers rolled up past your ankles this summer, what have you been doing?

Living outside of London probably, although the high-water look is slowly making inroads to the home counties.

If you're one of the younger tastemakers it's now not enough to merely turn your trousers up mid-calf. You have to engage in the cinch-roll, which does require a bit of practise and basically results in a tapered appearance to your strides.

It also leaves you looking exactly like I did back in the Eighties around about the time of The Breakfast Club when I wouldn't be seen dead in anything other than a navy blazer, roll neck and a pair of tapered jeans.

Looking back on pictures of myself shortly after that period made me realise what a fool I looked, so there's no way I will be returning to the cinch-roll anytime soon. Or the boufant flick, for that matter.

But I am a purveyor of the airy ankle, and do believe the art of a successful trouser roll lies with the distance between floor and roll-up. The ideal height should be somewhere around the lower calf, maybe one turn lower if you're wearing deck shoes.

If it looks like your trousers have just had a row with your feet, you've got them at the correct height.

And if you're wearing deck shoes ditch the socks.

For the approaching autumn breeze, perhaps some high-tops or a pair of hunting boots should be brought in to play. Because something tells me the high-roll will be around for a few months yet, and you wouldn't want your ankles getting cold.

Give it a few months and I might have perfected my own roll.

That's a pair of Yuketen Sport Hunt boots in the picture. More on them later.

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