Friday, 13 August 2010

Woolrich: 180 years and counting

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a deer hunter this winter, Woolrich is where you should be looking. They've been churning out precisely this kind of thing for donkey's years - 180 to be precise.

I know this because this is the 180th anniversary collection from the Pennsylvania based brand and from day one they've set out their stall as the number one outfitter for the Great American Outdoors.

And they haven't really changed their style all that much during this time. So it shouldn't really bother them that the word on the street says the future is chambray.

Still, if I'm marooned on a mountainside with a moose in my sights, I'd take some heavy duty woollen plaid over poncey chambray all day long. What do the kids know anyway?

Don't confuse this stuff with Woolrich Woollen Mills. Same company, different lines, made for different countries.

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