Monday, 2 August 2010

London: the glorious East

Found myself round Spitalfields and Brick Lane way last week, always good for a few shots.

I should thank Nath for the pic of the church, I was facing the other way when he spotted the sun on it.

Those of you familiar with Brick Lane and Shoreditch High Street will recognise a few of these places. I was quite impressed with the Conor Harrington near the Truman Brewery. That would have required a bit of nifty ladder work.

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  1. Good photos, especially the first one!!

  2. you walk back thru Middlesex street/Aldgate?? I wanna do a trip to shoot round there soon. Went to Portobello road the other wek and loads up there, but didn't have my camera!!! need a compact.

  3. Loads of stuff to shoot Nath, that would make a good day out.