Friday, 27 August 2010

Skate or die: Do one, fear the other

dylan. from No Holidays for a Hooker on Vimeo.

This little film had me transfixed for a bit, if only because not learning to skate properly has to be one of the things I will always regret in life.

What I like about this is the way these guys make it all look so damn easy, like the boards are an extension of their feet.

But I never grew up around skaters. They were the kids who did stuff under flyovers while we were smoking at the back of the football terrace.

It's too late now, of course. My fearlessness left me some time ago. If I got on a skateboard now I'd be forever looking out for that bus.

So I salute the skaters, and their antics, and their style. Because they have got style.

Via You Have Broken the Internet

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