Thursday, 17 December 2009

All sorted for the snow

There's got to be a couple of inches of snow out there. The blizzard is a-blowing as I write and I'm getting quite excited. Snow in this country is still a bit of a novelty for me. Makes the world look nice and clean for a bit.

It also means I can dig out every cold weather, snow-ready garment I pack away for precisely this sort of event. That walk down the hill to the station is going to be a bit of a challenge tomorrow.

I have therefore got lined up for the journey to work:

G-Star deep green leather ski jacket - one of those things you can't believe a label like that could produce. A virtual one-off.

Prada Sport ski jumper in grey and wine - only gets a rare showing these days but the thermal properties lend it perfectly to this weather.

Prada sport scarf - A navy and taupe beast of a length of mohair, the big hitter from the scarf drawer, only comes out in extreme temperatures.

Dior jeans - don't want to ruin the Visvims, do I?

Leather and lambswool Dunhill trapper cap - probably the best sale bargain I have ever bagged. Vintage look, warm as toast.

Black leather gloves from TK Maxx - another bargain, nice buckle on the back of the hand, no name.

Visvim Serra hikers - at last, the exact day I had in mind when I got these puppies. Mind you, the pain these have given me so far during the wearing in process has been well documented. The ultimate test has arrived.

Let's have some of that snow then!

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  1. Why the fuck would you wear Visvim with labels such as Prada, G-Star? Have a word with yourself and ditch those eurotrash labels.

  2. There was a time before Visvim, and that's where this stuff came in. I'm not so affected that I have to pension off perfectly decent gear for the climate because it has the wrong label.