Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Visvim Horween Hockney: Worth waiting for

I'm always about a year behind when it comes to buying Visvim. Mainly because the stuff is so difficult to come by in the UK and I have to wait until it reaches the listings of Ebay before I can get hold of it. That and the prohibitive price of new release Visvim, which has gone stratospheric in the UK since the pound lost its strength.

These days you won't get much change out of £500 for a pair of Visvim shoes from somewhere like Dover Street market. That would buy you a few pairs of very respectable shoes from other manufacturers.

But that's what makes Visvim all that more attractive, and to be honest, tracking down pieces from proxies or on obscure sites that you wouldn't usually associate with the brand brings with it a certain degree of satisfaction.

And this is where I will be looking for these Horween leather Hockneys. Possibly the nicest Hockneys released so far, even if they do look an awful lot like the Americana deck shoe that I have been banned from buying because they look too much like Lizzie's dad's Timberland deck shoes.

In keeping with Visvim's policy of using only the finest materials, Horween is a traditional leather company dating back to 1905 and one of the oldest leather companies in the US.

That knowledge should provide you with a bit of comfort when you're laying down half-a-bag on a pair.

I'll start looking for a pair about this time next year.

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