Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Gucci snowboard goggles: don't even bother

I can imagine it now, hammering towards that kicker, vision clear in these Gucci goggles, when wump! A mogul appears, sending me headfirst into a snowdrift.

As I'm dragged out by my ankles, my first thoughts are not of breathing once more - they are of the goggles I laid down the equivalent cost of my holiday for and which are now nowhere remotely near my face.

That snowdrift has just become the most expensive pile of white stuff outside Colombia, and I spend the rest of the holiday excavating it in order to retrieve them.

So in other words, no I won't be rocking these Gucci goggles on the slopes.

For one thing they are a liability, and for another I will look like a plum.

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