Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Supreme box logo tee: Sometimes Ebay turns up a winner

The thing about Ebay is that just when you're sick to the back teeth of it, of non-paying bidders, customs charges, sellers who have already sold, along comes the perfect trade.

I hadn't even been looking for a new T-shirt, let alone a rare-as-hell Supreme tee in black with a box logo in purple. These are the stuff of legend. Supreme didn't even release a box logo tee this year in the UK (unless you count the Damien Hirst polka dot effort).

It would be safe to say I have waited years for one of these t-shirts.

So when this turned up at the standard (very reasonable) Supreme t-shirt price, I hit the Buy It Now button with the full expectation that I would be returning that tee to the seller with a few sharp comments about the pedalling of fake goods and a swift negative feedback blow to the back of the head.

The parcel made it through the Post Office's backlog this morning. Delivered with not a hint of a customs charge, because it didn't even breach the charging level, and arriving in pristine condition with a Supreme carrier bag to boot.

What's more, it's a totally legitimate, made in USA piece of Supreme history. And it fits.

My faith in Ebay is restored, for the time being.

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  1. which seller did you buy from? i saw this tee pop up once or twice from a seller going for 65 buy it now but thought the price was too low to be legit

  2. His name is Wholesale_lot. The name had me wondering but thought I'd take a chance. Totally legit - he's on my favourites list now.