Tuesday, 29 December 2009

How to do ski chalet at home in one simple knit

Right now the only place I want to be is in a ski chalet somewhere in the French Alps, if possible about 1600 metres high, with a fire blazing and a mug of hot chocolate in my hands.

I am actually in Essex. The snow has gone, it is raining. And cold.

I could of course find a flight and head over to Courcheval or some other equally adventurous ski resort, which is a great idea but a logistical nightmare. Or I can make myself an Ovaltine, stoke up the fire and put on a nice chunky knit.

Something like this SNS Herning number would do a treat. A hark back to 1971, the year of my birth coincidentally, when jumpers were cable knit and beards were bushy. Much like today in fact.

And voila! We're in Courcheval! Just like that.

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