Thursday, 10 December 2009

Visvim Fluxus 01: Too tough for their own good

I bought these Visvim Fluxus 01 jeans as raw denim, with a view to wearing them in myself, thus creating another pair of perfect vintage look jeans.

I'd already done the same with my Imperial Dukes, to amazing effect, but three years later and as you can see, these are only just beginning to show signs of fade in the crucial areas, such as the 'cat's whiskers' and the 'honeycombing' at the back of the knees.

For anyone who wants to get the perfectly worn in looking jeans, the process is simple. It takes a pair or raw selvedge denim jeans, much wear, and plenty of patience. Oh and don't wash them. Maybe once every six months if you have to, but that's it.

If you want your jeans to look worn in within your own lifetime, probably best swerve Visvim. They are a bit too hard wearing.

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  1. i've got some tough luck with denim. My only real successful pair were 21oz iron hearts that I dropped weight and couldn't wear anymore. My RRLs are finally looking alright at a hard 2-3 years of wear and my visvim fluxus 04 still looking mint at about 6 months. I think i might just stick with made in USA RRLs from now on, they seem to keep a consistent shape with hard wear and fade nicely as long as you put the time in.

    great blog btw. will bookmark!

  2. Thanks for the comment Jack, I've been thinking about those Visvim 04s, how slim is the fit?

  3. Oh man, these fluxus jeans are great. I own a pair and let me tell you, nothing fits me more comfortably nor does anything else make me look so good.