Thursday, 3 February 2011

Ebay washes its hands of another ripoff

This is a real version of the fake I received
Here's a warning to all the Ebay buyers out there to get a dispute filed straight away if you ever end up in a situation where you have received something suspect.

Ebay seller Wrongworks sold me a counterfeit Headporter x mug x Beauty & Youth backpack on December 5. It took until December 19 to arrive, I emailed him, he promised me a refund and I returned the bag on December 20. I have been waiting for my refund since then, and today decided to try and get it through Ebay.

The following is a transcript of a conversation I have just had with Jason from Ebay.

I'll let you make your own minds up.

Jason Jones (2/3/2011 08:45:42 AM)
Welcome to eBay Live Help, my name is Jason. How may I help you?

niceman-g (2/3/2011 08:46:32 AM)
I received this item in December and it turned out to be counterfeit. I contacted the seller who agreed to refund and the item was returned on December 20. Refund has still not been received.

Jason Jones (2/3/2011 08:47:20 AM)
I'm sorry to hear that you still haven't receive a refund.

Jason Jones (2/3/2011 08:47:47 AM)
Aside from this, would there be any other concerns that I can help you with?

Jason Jones (2/3/2011 08:50:03 AM)
I don’t mean to rush you. Can you please send a reply to confirm that we’re still connected?

niceman-g (2/3/2011 08:50:12 AM)
How about you tell me what to do about the refund Jason? Right now this is a clear cut case of theft

Jason Jones (2/3/2011 08:50:36 AM)
Okay. Please bear with me for a moment while I investigate this for you.

Jason Jones (2/3/2011 08:52:39 AM)
Thank you for waiting. We usually advise our members to go to the Resolution Centre when they encounter problems with a transaction. However, after reviewing our records, I have confirmed that you purchased this item last 05 December.

Jason Jones (2/3/2011 08:53:06 AM)
Since this listing ended more than 45 days ago, opening a case in the eBay and PayPal Resolution Centre is no longer an option.

niceman-g (2/3/2011 08:53:38 AM)
Maybe you could suggest the options I do have

Jason Jones (2/3/2011 08:53:53 AM)
The best thing you should do is to phone the seller and talk to them about what's happened. These situations can often be resolved with a friendly conversation.

Jason Jones (2/3/2011 08:54:46 AM)
You can request the seller's contact information here:

Jason Jones (2/3/2011 08:54:51 AM)

niceman-g (2/3/2011 08:56:06 AM)
The seller was notified of my intention to return the item. To be honest Jason, right now, Ebay is party to the pedalling of counterfeit goods across international borders and then claiming I have no right to take action because "this listing ended more than 45 days ago." I would suggest you take a more pro-active approach, such as perhaps contacting the seller yourselves.

Jason Jones (2/3/2011 08:57:55 AM)
Please understand that we cannot communicate with members on another member's behalf and directly intervene in disputes between eBay members. This is to maintain trust and fair trade in eBay.

Jason Jones (2/3/2011 08:58:19 AM)
For future reference, this page has an outline of all the steps you can take if you ever have a problem like this again - open a new window on your browser and copy this link into it:

Jason Jones (2/3/2011 08:58:21 AM)

niceman-g (2/3/2011 08:59:43 AM)
Ebay might like to wash its hands of this but it has a duty of care to insure its members do not get ripped off.

Jason Jones (2/3/2011 09:01:46 AM)
We have taken note of your complaint. I assure you that we will take appropriate action against the seller once the investigation is completed to ensure that eBay remains a fun and safe place to shop. However, to maintain member privacy, we can't share details of actions taken on another account.

niceman-g (2/3/2011 09:02:37 AM)
I don't want you to share details, I just want my payment back. Please could you tell me the case number?

Jason Jones (2/3/2011 09:02:59 AM)
What do you mean by that?

niceman-g (2/3/2011 09:04:25 AM)
You just told me you were investigating this case. Please tell me the case number.

Jason Jones (2/3/2011 09:06:42 AM)
Yes, however, we won't be able to update you about the results of this investigation or give you more information of this.

niceman-g (2/3/2011 09:08:48 AM)
Without sounding flippant Jason, how do I know you are actually investigating it if you provide me with no information or even a case number?

Jason Jones (2/3/2011 09:09:37 AM)
While I can't share details about this seller's account specifically, the actions that we can take against poor-performing seller include ending their listings, stopping them from buying and/or selling, and either temporary or permanent suspension from eBay.

niceman-g (2/3/2011 09:11:57 AM)
And what does that signify in terms of me receiving my refund? Is it possible for me to raise a dispute through Paypal?

Jason Jones (2/3/2011 09:12:40 AM)
As I've said earlier, since this listing ended more than 45 days ago, opening a case in the eBay and PayPal Resolution Centre is no longer an option.

niceman-g (2/3/2011 09:14:51 AM)
OK Jason let's get this straight. I received a counterfeit item through an EBAY seller which I returned and for which I have received no refund. So I have no item and no refunded payment.

niceman-g (2/3/2011 09:15:50 AM)
I returned the item within a day of receiving it and because it has taken more than 45 days you claim I should just swallow the loss? Are you for real?

Jason Jones (2/3/2011 09:16:03 AM)
I understand that this must be frustrating to you, Graham. However, the option you have here now is to contact your seller directly.

Jason Jones (2/3/2011 09:19:05 AM)
I don’t mean to rush you. Can you please send a reply to confirm that we’re still connected?

niceman-g (2/3/2011 09:19:16 AM)
I have contacted the seller but if he doesn't respond I would expect the company that facilitated this transaction to take a degree of responsibility, regardless of your self-imposed rules, which I am quite certain do not stand up against the law.

Jason Jones (2/3/2011 09:20:52 AM)
I would like to inform you that eBay is not involved in the actual transaction between Buyers and Sellers we have no control over the ability of sellers to sell items or refund their buyers.

Jason Jones (2/3/2011 09:21:21 AM)
Also, while we can limit or suspend member accounts, we don't have the powers of the police or the courts. This means we can't mediate or take sides in a dispute, make decisions for a user, force a user to fulfil their obligations at the end of a listing, or initiate a criminal investigation against a user.

niceman-g (2/3/2011 09:22:53 AM)
But you still take the fees, which makes you responsible. I think that's been proven by more than one court case. I would therefore like you to monitor this situation.

Jason Jones (2/3/2011 09:24:08 AM)
Your complaints has been noted, Graham.

niceman-g (2/3/2011 09:25:07 AM)
So has this conversation. I will be back in touch if the seller doesn't respond to me withing 24 hours.

niceman-g (2/3/2011 09:25:23 AM)

System message (2/3/2011 09:25:29 AM)
The chat session is being wrapped up.

System message (2/3/2011 09:25:58 AM)
All times in the above transcript are in the following time zone: (GMT) Greenwich Mean Time : Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London

System message (2/3/2011 09:25:58 AM)
The chat session has ended.

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