Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Visvim Yucca Moc Folk: reservation feet

It's always a bit of a treat to see what Visvim are wheeling out in terms of footwear each year. It sometimes seems that they can put that trademark white moulded sole on just about anything and it will look good.

These Yucca Moc Folk are a case in point. I wouldn't usually touch a mocassin with thick stitching lie that with a barge pole, in fact I'm sure I have a pair of slippers somwehere that looks just like them, but here I am fawning over the native infuenced streetwear fusion.

This style does fit in nicely with the whole Navajo theme that Hiroki is going for again this year. More about that later, I have pages to put up.

For now, try these on for size.

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