Saturday, 5 February 2011

Visvim Grizzly Boot mid folk: grrrr

I dedicate this post to Miguel, a regular reader by all accounts who has asked for more Visvim posts, for which I am happy to oblige, and leads me nicely on to these, the Visvim Grizzly Folk boot.

To me this occupies the space somewhere between Yuketen's Maine Guide Boot and Visvim's own Seven Hole '73, with its canvas detail to the ankle area (I'm sure there's a name for that somewhere, people of Fuk). This detailing does of course take its inspiration from the tropical pattern boots issued to the grunts in Vietnam.

The usual Visvim features apply - pigment-free cowhide lining and a natural cork footbed, as well as a replaceable (white!) Vibram outsole and that little plastic heelcap.

Worthy of a trek through the brambles all day long.

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