Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Visvim denim Nomad: it won't wash

I can't say I agree with everything that comes out of Hiroki Nakamura's mind, and if this denim Nomad is a taste of things to come then I have lost all hope.

It might have a nice worn-in appearance, might be three-layer, might have a neat little leather peak detail, but the bottom line is that this is a denim hooded jacket, of the type popularised during the Eighties. And while that decade may have provided many things, such as Skyway BMXs, it did no favours whatsoever for denim.

This a clear indication of a resurgence of the use of denim in jackets and shirts. I get the whole denim jean thing in a massive way, but I can't bring myself to dig it as an outerwear fabric.

Thankfully this will most likely be priced at the kind of stratospheric level that would make your average cowboy choke on his hotpot so it's not going to pose much of a dilemma.

But I hate to see a good Nomad go to waste.

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