Sunday, 25 October 2009

It's hoodie time

For some, the time of year might have them reminiscing of sitting around a roaring fire resplendent in a chunkly cable knit cardie, pipe in hand, slippers on feet.

Well it reminds me of that too. But it also rekindles times spent qeueing outside Bathing Ape's Busy Workshop at 9am when the shop didn't open until 11am, in the vain hope of buying a Shark hoodie. Or buying a camo hoodie from Maharishi. In short, this time of year reminds me of hoodies.

Hoodies, with all their chav conotations, the ultimate yoof wear, comfortable and yet comfortably menacing. More rebellious than a Union Jack leotard.

Every year I wonder if this will be the last that I accumulate another hoodie for the winter, for sitting by the fire with my pipe and slippers. And every year another one catches my eye, transporting me to chilly evenings, toasty in hooded jersey heaven.

This year's temptation came in electric blue, by Supreme, gathered in the Hideout as part of a precision shopping expedition in the desolate wastes of a Saturday morning west London. A previous mission resulted in the Norse Projects scarf from Hideout and Supreme hat from Dover Street Market you can see me wearing.

That's me on the right by the way. The blue is a bit of a giveway. And the hair. It's Lizzie on the left, in her newly commandeered (from me) cap.

So that's another year I'll still be wearing hoodies then.

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