Saturday, 4 September 2010

It's all about the wheels

Seeing as I've got a pretty hefty bike ride in the morning, I felt it was time to treat my trusty steed to a couple of new wheels.

They might not actually make me go any faster, but they look like they will,
and surely that's the point. The rest is going to be down to me and my legs.

I went for a pair of American Classic 420s. It was going to be the sprint 350s but had a last minute change of heart, and I reckon I made the right decision.

Even Martin at the bike shop agrees, which is a good enough endorsement for me, especially as he'd already fitted the 350s by the time I'd called and had to take start all over again.

Other preparation has included a good few training miles, a stock of energy bars, water tablets (to stop the cramp I'm told), some Power Beans, a spare inner tube, a new little pouch for under the seat, and a caring rub down for the bike.

So man and machine are ready as they will ever be.

I think a quick shout should go out to the chaps who had been training for this with me, and sadly due to some mechanical failures in the knee department will be sitting this one out. Get well soon Sam and Mark, best get yourselves mended for the next rides. They're going to be big.

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  1. Mate, it's like bike porn! They is some bad ass looking wheels! They make so much difference!

    How much? And where from?


  2. They're from Richardson's Sam. Ex-demo so I got a good price.