Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Paul Smith Principia La Flamme Rouge and Wood Wood road bike: Porn on two wheels

Talking of bike porn, here's a couple of the best examples that have come to my attention of late, and as it happens they both happen to be collaborations with clothing designers.

The first one is a Paul Smith Principia La Flamme Rouge, in PS pink. This isn't too much of a surprise given Mr Smith's fondness for bicycles and his involvement with the Rapha brand.

But the second one did come as a bit of a bolt from the blue for me, seeing as you wouldn't immediately associate the street style brand Wood Wood with two wheels. Turns out they're so into it that they have their own team and have .

The Wood Wood bike might have been around a little while - since 2008 in fact, but it's still worth a mention.

Thanks to Sam for putting me on to the Paul Smith bike. Yes, I do want one.

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