Thursday, 2 September 2010

The tattoo issue: Know when to say no

Now I'm the first person to appreciate a decent tattoo. In fact If I could think of what to have I might consdider going under the pen again myself - something to complement the Norwich England effort on my right shoulder.

But there comes a point when you've really got to say to yourself "enough is enough." I wonder if this pair will ever wish they'd said that.

Mind you they won't be alone. It seems like the only way to be truly individual these days is to not have a tattoo.

Unlike the pretty girl I saw walking down my street the other day. Lovely she was. Had the slogan 'death is death' etched right across her breast bone. Like she'll never regret that one.

Keep scrolling for a little film.

Black & White: Jun Cha from on Vimeo.

Via Fatkids

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