Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Ralph Lauren goes fixed: Who'd have thunk it

I have never associated Ralph Lauren with cycling, least of all fixed gear or track bikes. All the same, Affinity haven't done too bad a job with this RLX concept.

It does have a bit of a Ralphy vibe about it I suppose with the sludge coloured frame and the single yellow Aerospoke on the back.

But the thing that really gives it that wholesome cosy vintage American feel has to be the saddle. Look at that for a bit of hide.

This is called the Kissena and is going to be on display at the new Ralph Lauren Rhinelander Mansion on 72nd Street in NY.

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  1. I see a bandwagon............ quick jump on it! Saw this on the web! Chanel surfboards, RL fixies, I want to see Rapha soap and.... hang on! the worlds gone mad!

    Very disappointed to see the blatant CP rip off on the Rapha Breton sweater too.

  2. Sweet bike no matter how it came to, hang on I didn't mean all of that.
    'Sweet bike' - I'll stand by - it's a looker.
    'no matter how it came to be' - Well that's just drivel and I'm taking my drivel back!
    When will all this collab for collab's sake stuff end? At the Pope wearing a Roman Catholic Church vs Baracuta G9 on his next visit?
    Come on brands, at least work with like minded brethren on the commercial market.