Thursday, 30 September 2010

Knoxville hits the D Road in a pair of Palladiums

I used to have a pair of Palladium boots, must have been back in the early nineties. A good stout piece of footwear they were too, from what I remember. Can't for the life of me remember what happened to them.

Back then I reckon Detroit must have been a fairly thriving city. In those days people were still making enormous cars with engines that would power aircraft carriers and 'Motor City' would still have been going at full throttle.

These days though, much of the industry and the employment has gone the same way as my old Palladium boots, as in lost. All that is left in some parts is an of industrial wasteland.

As that bloke from Jackass Johnny Knoxville has discovered, this is exactly the kind of environment that is conducive to creativity, in the sense that there really isn't any other direction to take when your city looks like something from a B-movie.

Johnny has found a Detroit full of hope, where the young creative types of the city have started to rebuild the place. You can see what he has discovered in the documentaries above.

And guess what? He did it all in a pair of Palladium boots.

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