Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The A-Team gets a reboot

It was only a matter of time before the A-Team got the Hollywood update treatment, given the effect BA and the boys had on an entire generation of school children in the Eighties, me included.

The A-Team had the lot, the elite fighting unit, a bit put out by being "jailed for a crime they didn't commit," then busting themselves out and on the run from the law. And still finding time to help the odd shopkeeper fight off a developer or two.

I was glued to that TV when it came on, watching on in wonder as they glued together a tank out of a couple of scaffold poles and an elastic band. And I believed the lot of it. I honestly thought the contents of dad's garage could become a piece of artillery if I followed the instructions.

And yes I had the action figures and the truck and the T-shirt. And the mug.

Now it's all going to be coming back in glorious CGI, with Liam Neeson taking on the role of Colonel Hannibal.

But after all these years, they still can't get BA on the damn plane.

PS: While having a little Google about the A-Team I found this (below) Smart Car done up like the A-Team van. How about that?

The real van's below it.

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