Sunday, 4 April 2010

iPhone: You call that protection?

Despite the breakage, the Alkr case doesn't look too bad

I now realise how it's possible to ruin the look of a perfectly good iPhone through the simple addition of optional extras such as protective casing.

I don't know about you, but it's my opinion that a protective case shouldn't really make the phone actually look worse. If that was the intention you might as well not bother putting the protection on in the first place, and instead just kick the phone along the pavement.

I got my Best Skin Ever, which is a tougher version of that film you get covering the screens of phones when they arrive in the box, two weeks after I ordered it. I followed the application instructions to the letter, sprayed my soap solution as instructed, manoeuvred it into  position, smoothed out the bubbles.
You can see the break just above the connector.

And somehow, despite this half-hour process, my screen looks smudged, with hundreds of microscopic bubbles trapped under the film.

So what's the point in having it on there?

As for my £22 ALKR case, I've broken it already. In fact I broke it within four hours of buying it. All I did was slide the bottom bit off and this thin bit of plastic snapped, and even Superglue won't mend it. Hardly instills me with confidence for iPhone protection.

So don't get either of the pieces of crap that I bought. Instead you could try:


Maison Takuya leather case


Miniot wooden cases

Maison Takuya leather covers
All of which should last longer and look better than the efforts I ended up with, although don't take my word for it whatever you do.

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