Sunday, 25 April 2010

Switch skates: On a roll

There's not many decent skate shops in south Essex, so I consider myself blessed that probably the best one is located just up the road from me.

Switch skates was set up by a bunch of skaters a couple of years ago, and stocks everything from the better-known Stussy and Carhartt to niche skate labels such as Enjoi and The Hundreds.

On top of that they have an entire room dedicated to the boards themselves, known as ... the Boardroom.

The shop is always putting on little events such a film screenings and is heavily involved with the local park.

It's also where you will find my Skyway for sale.

If you live a bit to far away to visit in person, like on another continent or something, they also have a website,

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  1. Interesting read, skate shops struggle to last so the best of luck to them, I worked for Southsea Skate Shop in Portsmouth in my youth when I was a Southsea Skate Park regular (park still going, shop long gone) and it was only a few years ago that Surrey Skates closed its doors in Woking after what must have been 25 years.