Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Lamborghini Gallardo: What price a City runabout?

I'm sitting at work and the traffic is crawling along the Highway outside. A Lamborghini Gallardo noses into view, gloss black from nose to tail, save the red lettering on the back. Even the wheels are black.

Hardly the nicest environment for a thoroughbred Italian supercar. I'm sure it would much prefer to be winding its way around Lake Como.

As the girl driving it nudged it another couple of yards down the road, it got me thinking: how much would you really have to earn in order to drive a Lamborghini to work every day?

A good few quid, I would wager. Her bonus must have been fairly hefty this year, certainly big enough to consider a Gallardo worthy of a daily commute.

Not sure I could bring myself to do it, no matter how much I earn. Because driving through the middle of London in rush hour staring at the business end of the lorry in front has to be just about the worst end to a day I could think of, no matter what badge was in the middle of my steering wheel.

Even worse, factoring in the price of petrol and the Congestion Charge. All adds up to a £200k and rising stress machine.

Far better to be whistling between the traffic on a bike, I reckon.  Save the Lambo for Sunday afternoons.  After the bike ride.

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