Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Church's Valet box: For shiny people

Remember the days when there was a shoe shine man on every corner ready to buff your brogues to within an inch of their lives? Me neither.

I'm guessing that's why Church's has brought out this valet box, so you can do it yourself. None of your Kiwi crap here though, this is all luxurious creams and super soft brushes.

In fact it all looks far too good for shoes. Why not have a go at your face with it instead? I'm sure you'll develop a fine patina.

Seriously though, what with the recent release of the Visvim shoe care kit, it seems the looking after of footwear is taking on a bit of a revival, in line with the general smartening up of menswear. Which can't be a bad thing in my book.

This will set you back £142, which is serious money for a bit of polish. A quick google turned up a Loake one for £69.99.

Via Selectism

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