Sunday, 18 April 2010

For Sale: Skyway Streetbeat. A piece of BMX history

It breaks my heart to put this up for sale, but it's been hanging in the shed since I got my road bike and that's no place for a 1984 childhood dream.

It's the BMX equivalent of leaving a Ferrari Dino to rot away in a damp barn. No, this bike deserves better. It deserves an owner who will put it on display in his lounge, or at least take it for a spin occasionally. Maybe do a few tricks down the local skate park, it would like that, although vintage BMX purists (and there are plenty) would balk at the suggestion that this should even be ridden.

Do you know there are people out there who treat these old BMXs with such revere that they don't even get chains put on them?

Not this one. This Streetbeat saw a bit of (gentle) action, basked in the limelight for a little while, got admired and fawned over.

And now it's time for it to leave the stable, so you will find it on sale in my local skate shop - Switch in Leigh-on-Sea Broadway. Pay it a visit, of only to rekindle those memories of wheelies and endos and other tricks which I've never dared do on it.


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  1. Hey Graham! I love this bike! I had a Dyno Detour when I was a teenager in black with the black mags and chrome detailing. I really loved that bike but I sold it to move to New York City. It wasn't easy doing so but I had to do what I had to do. So I understand your pain.

  2. Thanks Ed, it was a heart wrenching moment wheeling it into the skate shop, that's for sure.

  3. Graham, did this sell ? I have a mate who was team rider for Skyway and has been chasing a bike for a while.

  4. Still available as far as I'm aware Mark, haven't checked with the skate shop since I've been back but I'm, sure they would have contacted me if there had been any interest.