Monday, 12 April 2010

The smartest tramp in town

I walk past this chap every day, in the underpass near Tower Hill tube. I'm not entirely sure you can call him a tramp with that zoot suit on, but if you heard him playing that thing, he doesn't qualify as a busker.

He's upped his game a bit since the economy turned nasty. Once you'd find him standing stock still, with a tiny little gold bowl in his hand. Tourists would have their picture taken with him, wave in his face, and he wouldn't move.

Then one day he got a gold piggy bank. A few days after that he got a line of piggy banks - pink and gold.

Now he's resorted to plucking this toy guitar randomly, while doing a shuffle.

I really hope this works for him. Because he's running out of options. Soon he's going to have to start breakdancing. And that's not going to do his suit any good at all.

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  1. Posh Buskers round your way, is he sporting Gucci Loafers????

  2. If they are he's not getting any more of my money!