Monday, 21 June 2010

Rapha Smithfield Nocturne: Fast and dark

Rapha's Nocturne swung into Smithfield Market again on Saturday. With it arrived just about anyone who enjoys riding a bike.

Lycra as far as the eye could see and bike candy in every direction.

Road racers, fixed gear hipsters and folding bike commuters all had a chance to bomb around the track, as did ice cream vendors.

Just to add a bit of extra glamour, Sir Paul Smith was spotted, and Mark Cavendish said a few words.

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  1. Nice photos Graham, I visited the Rapha club shop last week as I was in London on a course. Its a brand that just tortures me..... there is always something I just can't live without.

  2. I'm planning to catch a Tour stage or two in that cafe, I reckon the atmosphere will be electric.

    I just know I'll come home with a new bit of gear though, like you say!