Sunday, 20 June 2010

Paul Siggins: Smashing artwork

Depending on how you look at it, Paul Siggins either has quite a destructive profession or quite a creative one.

If you're a producer of ceramic tiles, you might well consider Paul a vandal, given the amount he has to smash up to do his work. Although it isn't you average run-of-the-mill smashing. It is more considered, precise. It has to be in order for Paul to construct his mosaics, of iconic record covers and the like.

These days Paul has also taken to producing three dimensional works of art using fragments of stone, as well as a series of pieces reproducing tattoos in dark slate and gold. Instantly classic pieces that go beyond your normal interpretation of art.

Last Thursday Leigh-on-Sea was treated to a private view of Paul's work in Switch skateshop, as part of the Leigh Art Trail.

As well as a few commissions, Paul even got a bit more material for his work when someone dropped a wine glass. Winner!

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