Monday, 7 June 2010

Adidas goes to the Star Wars cantina. Then has a pint in the Rovers

I might not like all these collaborations Adidas is releasing, and out of them all possibly the most farcical is the Star Wars release. Some of those creations really are from a galaxy far, far away. And that's where they should have stayed.

But I can't help liking the videos they're putting together to promote the stuff. That city block party one was a bit trying too hard for me, admitedly, but this take on the Star Wars cantina is superb - you get Becks giving Creedo a tough time as Han Solo. Nice jacket he's got on, too.

And you also get a cameo from Daft Punk. Who's have thunk they travelled so far?

Looks like Tattooine is becoming quite a destination these days.

Unfortunately, just as they were starting to look a bit credible, Adidas also released this. And I realised why I hate the very air that they breathe. Cornation Street? Please.

Via Cultureshoq

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