Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Eligens (Look de Luxe) Barcelona: Ricky's streetwear emporium

You might remember my visit to Chikahitsu in Barcelona, where I was furnished with a pair of Visvim Shaman Folk after following a trail through the maze of streets in the Gothic Quarter which ended in an Alladin's cave of Japanese streetwear. It actually was a cave to all intents and purposes, because Chikahitsu was located in a basement, which had only just survived being flooded out by recent rains.

At the time Chikahitsu's owner Ricky was talking about his imminent move to a street-level unit - a new store stocking the finest street brands, Japanese on one side and American on the other.

After months of sweat and toil and stocking up, Eligens (Look de Luxe) as the new store is called, has been unveiled, looking fine and fully loaded with Visvim , Neighborhood ,W-taps , Head Porter , HP + , Original Fake , Uniform Experiment , Sophnet , Terrem , Rocky Mountain , Arc-terix Veilance , Pendleton , Patagonia , Stussy Deluxe , Yuketen , Viberg , Wesco , White , Abington, and a few more labels.

You'll find it on Carrer del Duc.

I think I might be visiting again soon.

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