Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Stussy x Bape collab: About time

The news of a collaboration between Stussy and Bape would have got me all excited a few years ago.

When you think about it the California skate label and Japanese street brand are the perfect match. Both have a thing for customised camouflage, military influences. They love a logo, and they make a decent baseball cap.

They've come up with a few nice bits together, Bape on the camo, Stussy on the logo side. There are some tees, sweats and caps.

By the looks of the little tags on the arms, they've gone with the Bape manufacturing, which is a relief. Because Stussy stuff doesn't last half as long.

Worth a look, but a bit late for me.

Via slamxhype

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  1. Ape and Stussy did a collab YEARS are late not them.

  2. Well there you go. I am enlightened thanks to Anonymous, and I am most certainly not worthy.

    So you bought the history of Bape hardback coffee table book? Nice to know someone still cares.