Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Ways to waste your life: Toy figure arranging

Sometimes I wonder where my life disappears to, and other times I know. Because I will have spent an hour of it on an exercise such as arranging some little toys I got from Japan into a display case.

It's the first time this Ma.Kub Kubrick collection has seen the light of day since I got them seven years ago, and the first time they had been removed from their packaging.

But while the whole episode could be put down to a massive time waste, I found it quite nice putting their little aerials in and fixing them into position with Blu Tack. It took me back to the model-making days of my childhood, where I would spend all day building a bomber only to smash it up in aerial combat a few hours later.

I've probably knackered the residual value of this collection for my grandchildren, as well as the value of the world cup bottle of Coke that came in the case.

Still, I reckon they look quite good.

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