Sunday, 30 May 2010

Barcelona: Gaudi in the city

It's one thing to build a few buildings in a park, completely another for city planners to let you loose on an apartment block or two. But to build a cathedral? That requires friends in high places.

The trouble with having friends in extremely high places, however, is that you have to get yourself killed to meet them. Someone must have been desperate, because Antoni Gaudi didn't even get to finish the Santa Familia before his time came up.

Not that he would have lived to see it finished even of he hadn't got ran over by that tram. He was 74 at the time.

More than 120 years later, the place is still a building site.

At least he finished a couple of apartment blocks though.

I know this is yet another load of pictures from a trip you probably forgot I'd taken by now, but I reckon they're worth seeing all the same.

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