Monday, 24 May 2010

James Lavelle: The Unkle who keeps on giving

My admiration of James Lavelle and Unkle has been well documented on this blog. I would go so far as to say the man can do no wrong in my eyes. I might even have said that before.

I still don't have his Where Did the Night Fall album - this is mainly due to apathy on my part and not getting round to clicking the 'buy' button on the Unkle site. But the three tracks I've heard from it would lead me to confidently say he is still on form. And I will be buying it.

I'm actually posting this interview because I've been told that I could be in with a chance to get into a party if I do. Seeing as I have no intention of going to this party in the East End of London somewhere, and assuming I win, I will pick a follower at random and hand the VIP access over. As long as you take a couple of photos.

Just imagine, free access to a Vice Magazine party in Shoreditch. Life. Does. Not. Get. Any. Better.

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