Monday, 31 May 2010

Richardson A4 mag: You have been warned

There seems to be something about the name Richardson that brings out the sleazier side of life.

Just take Terry Richardson. The bloke has made himself famous for taking risque photos and prancing around on set with his todger out.

Now there's Andrew Richardson and his magazine of the same name. I'm guessing A4 has been preceeded by A1 to A3. I don't actually know what they contained, but judging by the link to the mag's associated website and this issue's focus on porn star Sasha Grey, they might not be the kind of thing your mum would want to see either.

So if you are prudish, are averse to porn, or are related to me in any way, I might advise you not to click this link.

There's more content on the site, but it is more or less porn, to be honest.

But from a design point of view, I like the way the website has been set out. And the magazine cover is quite striking, in an Operation Desert Shield kind of way.

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