Thursday, 6 May 2010

Kangol x Fragment Design Mau Cap: Subtlety rules

 Subtlety is something Hiroshi Fujiwara knows a thing or two about. His Fragment Design label is less about designing clothes than adding his own flash of individuality to those that are already out there.

Sometimes this bit of design is so subtle that you sometimes wonder why he bothered.

Take the latest Kangol Mau cap release. The Fragment touch is there in the form of a little flash next to the kangaroo logo and printed on the interior piping. If you don't look hard you'll miss it. To be honest if you haven't bought one by now you've missed it anyway because only 90 were made worldwide.

But that's exactly what makes Fragment so covetable. Previous Kangol colabs (the Galaxy cap and the Tropical flat cap) haven't featured obvious branding either, and if you're into this stuff you're not the sort of person who wants a logo screaming out from the top of your head anyway.

It's all about the detail, the fabric and the colourways.

As it happens I have a spare one of these available thanks to the fact the M was a little tight for my massive spam. It is the one in the picture above Tried on only.

Look for it on Ebay soon.

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  1. err.. fenom?

  2. Actually I totally forgot Fenom - Fujiwara's colaboration with Levi's.

    Can't say I care much for diamantes and glitter stitching. Fujiwara does it best when he does it with restraint.

    Thanks for the comment.