Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Hackett x Monocle polo: A step in the right direction, at least

I am very slowly warming to Hackett. I should like the brand already really - it has the English fop thing going on quite nicely these days and also fits with my philosophy of supporting UK labels now and then.

All the same, no matter what good they do, there will always be that image of the oversized polo shirts with the name emblazoned diagonally across the front writ six inches high.

You know, the shirt once favoured by those with a fondness for Reebok Classics and tracksuit bottoms.

Will this ghost of the Hackett Hoodlum finally be put to rest with this Monocle collaboration on the 'Perfect Polo Shirt'?

I would dearly like to think so. But something tells me it won't. Not just yet.

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