Thursday, 27 May 2010

Louis Vuitton: Investment pieces

I rarely find anything I want in Louis Vuitton. In fact I have only ever found two things I've ever wanted from them.

They are a pair of sunglasses I bought in New York in 2005 and a scarf I found in Florence in 2007.

Each of these have been in constant use ever since I got them.

The shades, from the Louis Vuitton Cup range, are still in production and have to be the finest sports sunglasses I have bought. They are light, indestructible and crystal clear. And they get quite a severe battering with all the running and cycling.

The scarf is just timeless. The minute I clapped my eyes on it I knew there wasn't a thing it wouldn't go with.

I have worn it to weddings, to the pub, on nippy days and sunny days, and it's there in the holdall whenever I go away.

These pieces sum up what clothes should be about. They should become a part of you, soak up your experiences so that whenever you put them back on you unlock your life.

They are a bank, a memory stick, a key to the memories.

And that is why Louis Vuitton has become the phenomenon it is. To purchase something by them is not to purchase a garment or a fashion item. It is to obtain a vessel for future memories. That makes it priceless.

But I still think they make gay t-shirts.

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