Sunday, 9 May 2010

The Ebay rollercoaster: Some you win ...

It's actually been a bit of a night for me on The Bay. First I got myself all worked up on this Visvim Corsica jacket, mainly because it was the first time I had seen one available for years.

This was despite the fact that it was actually a size too big for me and it was a deep red gingham - making it a kind of pink at a distance, which if you are ginger you will know is a bit of a hit and miss area of the spectrum. Red is an absolute no-no but pink, depending on the shade, you can get away with.

There was also the consideration that I would have to let another of my collection go in order to finance it. Not the easiest of tasks as I'm sure you will be aware.

But none of this matters now, because I didn't win, even though I entered what I thought would be a killer bid. Someone else obviously had the same idea. And to that person I say fair play.

I'm not so fussed by this whole thing because I consoled my self with a cheeky little bid on a W)Taps shemagh (below) and won.

Every cloud has a silver (and more sensibly priced) lining.

The shemagh pic is the seller's by the way. I'll get some more detailed images up when it arrives.

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