Monday, 3 May 2010

Tourists: They all look the same

There are times when it is acceptable to wear an identical outfit to the person standing next to you. This will usually be when you are in the army, police, boy scouts or random paramilitary organisation.

This outfit is otherwise known as a uniform, with the clue in its name. It says regimented, it says discipline, it says conformity.

This is precisely why it is not usually a good idea for yourself and your partner to adopt this practice, unless you happen to be members of the aforementioned organisations. Even then, wearing your uniforms while on a city break is taking it a bit far.

Take this pair. What was going through their minds when they went for this identikit look? Did they think they might spot each other easier in a crowd?

Judging by the fact the outfits are not just similar, but exactly the same brands and styles, I would say these particular tourists are probably German. Or Russian. It's just a guess.

You will notice this picture is taken from behind. This is because despite all my scathing criticisms I still didn't have the bottle to ask them to pose for a picture. They looked to much like the KGB on tour for my liking.

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