Sunday, 16 May 2010

Barcelona and back and you didn't even know I was gone

Gaudi was here
Slight confession to make. My posts over the last week were pre-prepared, set to go off at daily intervals to give you the impression that I was sat here slaving away over a hot keyboard when I was in fact in Barcelona.

You'll be happy to know that we made it back without so much as a puff of volcanic ash to get in the way and I can now show you the fruits of my endeavours. 
Plenty of posts to come, but here's a few shots to be going on with.
Some bloke kicking back at Stansted
Random bar, Rambla Catalunya
Home for the week

Room service

The number on the door

A spotless tube station

How's that for the price of artichokes?

Gaudi goes primitive
Gingerbread in the park

A door. More to come


Massive yacht

You are here

Familia feet

Gothic graff door

Checkout queues are the same the world over

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  1. I love that city........ Hope you tested your fear of heights in the sagrada familia. Nice photos, Business or all pleasure ?

  2. Never went into the Sagrada Familia Mark, we thought it looked a bit too much like a building site! It was a pleasure trip, although I met some cool people so other things might come out of it.