Friday, 15 October 2010

Acronym FW10 lookbook: Back in black

You know autumn has really arrived when Acronym roll out their collection for the year.

They don't really tend to push the boat out as far as variety is concerned - in fact to the undiscerning eye, this collection would look pretty much the same as those which have gone before it.

But that's the whole point. This is stuff that transcends fashion or fads, manufactured from materials which are supposed to look either forever new, or will wear in so subtly that they will take on a character all of their own.

Which is a god thing, because the price of Acronym has gone through the roof over the past few years. My version of the SS-J7C 3XDRY Softshell Contour Jacket circa 2005 cost me £369 I'm sure. This year it will set you back €660, which even taking exchange rates and inflation into account it quite a mark up.

It's a good job it lasts.

This year's Acronym collection is available now at The Glade

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